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Private Medical Package

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Private Medical Package


  • Elite Elite

    Comprehensive range of specialists, tests and examinations as well as hospital treatment
    • Telemedical consultations with specialists
    • 24-hour medical assistance
    • In-person visits at the facilities
    • Consultations with doctorsConsultations with doctors 70 specjalności
      • including:
      • internist;
      • paediatrician;
      • allergist;
      • surgeon;
      • dermatologist;
      • diabetologist;
      • endocrinologist;
      • gastroenterologist;
      • gynaecologist;
      • haematologist;
      • hepatologist;
      • cardiologist;
      • ENT specialist;
      • nephrologist;
      • neurologist;
      • ophthalmologist;
      • oncologist;
      • orthopaedist;
      • proctologist;
      • pulmonologist;
      • rheumatologist;
      • urologist;
      • psychiatrist, psychologist – 3 times per year;
      • and other specialisations, also in the field of paediatrics.
    • Laboratory testsLaboratory tests more than 900 types of tests
    • ZabiegiTreatments (e.g. nursing, orthopaedic, gynaecological, surgical) 159 types
      • including:
      • wound suturing;
      • cryosurgical removal of skin lesions;
      • cast application;
      • administration of local anaesthesia for procedures;
      • blood draws;
      • treatment of cervical erosions;
      • cryotherapy for cervical lesions;
      • injections.
    • Home visitsHome visits 4 per year
    • Urgent Medical CareUrgent Medical Care Medicover Hot Line
    • Szeroki zakresWide range
      of ultrasound and x-ray examinations
      • including:
      • X-ray – 123 types of examinations;
      • ultrasound – 40 types of examinations;
      • ECG;
      • echocardiography;
      • Holter ECG and blood pressure monitor;
      • scintigraphy;
      • magnetic tomography;
      • magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
    • Dental check-upDental
    • RehabilitationRehabilitation 30 procedures
    • One-Day Surgery
    • HospitalisationHospitalisation
      - treatment and hospital stay

Show the full range of servicesWe also offer a variant of the package with a lower monthly fee – under this variant, both consultations with specialists as well as selected tests and examinations are subject to an additional payment of PLN 15 for each service.

Buying medical care at Medicover is more cost effective than paying for all appointments, tests and examinations separately.

We help you take care of your health
so that you can enjoy your life

With Medicover, you can feel safe and calm every day.
We will do anything for your health.

In order to respond to the needs of our patients, we have developed solutions that enable obtaining case-specific medical advice in different ways and in the shortest time possible. For your convenience, we offer various forms of contact with a specialist:

  • Telemedical consultationTelemedical consultation
  • On-site visitOn-site visit
  • Chat with a doctorChat with a doctor
  • Email contactEmail contact

Telemedical consultation is an efficient and convenient way to contact a doctor. During the call, the doctor takes a medical history and makes recommendations. The doctor can also issue e-Prescriptions, e Sick Leaves and e-Referrals for tests and examinations.

  • Bez zbędnego oczekiwaniaNo need to wait you will receive hospital care at the private Medicover Hospital or another carefully selected partner hospital throughout the country.
  • Koordynatorzy opieki szpitalnejOur hospital care coordinators will assist you during the hospital admission process, supervise it, confirm all appointments and answer any additional questions you might have.
Private Medical Package
You can use the care services anywhere in Poland
  • Multidisciplinary Medicover Hospital in Warsaw
  • 43 Medicover Medical Centres
  • more than 2,700 medical partners
  • 14 Medicover pharmacies
  • 39 optical showrooms

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